Watch how your code behaves as you write it.

WhiteBox compiles, runs & debugs the code you’re working on to give instant feedback side-by-side with your favourite editor.

Stop pretending to be a computer

It takes so long to get feedback from conventional tools that you resort to mentally debugging your code. Unfortunately humans are bad at simulating code in their head so even experienced programmers frequently make errors.

Fixing these is, at best, a distraction from the main design task at hand but is often time-consuming and costly. 

Even worse, they may get shipped to the end user.

Why WhiteBox?

Faster Iteration

Instant feedback enables you to quickly test design hypotheses and adjust as needed.

Fewer Errors

Immediately seeing the internal workings of a function gives you more opportunity to catch bugs as they arise

Improved Understanding

Visualizing abstract concepts helps you build an accurate mental model of how your code works

Buy the Beta Now

You can get access to the beta for WhiteBox now via itch.io

WhiteBox currently supports C and C-style C++ on Windows & Linux.

Conference Demos

See how WhiteBox looks in-use in these demo given to the Handmade Seattle conference.



Podcast Appearance

WhiteBox’s developer, Andrew Reece, was on the Handmade Network Podcast with Ryan Fleury to discuss:

  • WhiteBox
  • the importance of rapid feedback
  • design guided by an understanding of both human & computer capabilities
  • the future of software dev tools.


“WhiteBox delivers hope for a future where better software is written, and coding isn’t such a mess. Where it’s more enjoyable because you have a better understanding of the code you’re working with and don’t have to spend as much time debugging.”

“Using WhiteBox is like having a conversation with the computer.”

“With WhiteBox, you can literally just put your cursor where you want to inspect, and instantly see the state of any data that is there at that point in time.”

“WhiteBox makes it quickly apparent when the user/developer’s simplified mental model doesn’t match what the instructions are doing.”



  • 4coder
  • Emacs
  • NotePad++
  • Sublime Text
  • Vim/NeoVim
  • Visual Studio
  • VS Code

Operating System

  • Windows
  • Linux


  • C
  • C-like C++ (classes, methods, namespaces, references)

Expanded support is planned for each.

Where to see more

Community chat on Discord

Updates on Twitter

Twitch development streams